3 million research this week.

One of our goals is usually to be able to identify autism as early as possible before obvious symptoms show up so we are able to intervene as the connections in a child’s brain are still plastic. Right now we can’t reliably determine autism until about 24 months of age. Infants chosen to participate in the prevention research will get a preliminary evaluation and then will be split into two groups. Half of the infants will end up being monitored by experts and known for community treatment. The various other infants and their mothers will take part in an intervention at the UW Autism Center that promotes first relationships. Mothers will be trained to activate their infants in eye contact and each mom and child will be videotaped interacting once weekly for nine weeks.The real problem now is how exactly we get enough cash to keep up and grow treatment access in all countries. There is also the challenge of earning sure people stay on the treatments for life. These are both what the implementation is called by us challenges. The scientific challenges have found a vaccine and a cure. We really need both these in order to start to see the final end of Helps. Where can visitors find more info? has some very nice information, including movies, webcasts, summaries of the sessions and so forth.