A flu surveillance official with the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control.

Other health complications have been a factor in most cases: About one in three of the hospitalized situations acquired asthma, 16 % diabetes, 12 % have immune system problems and 11 % chronic heart disease. The numbers again highlight the way the young seem to be at risk of catching the new virus particularly. But data also show that the flu provides been more dangerous to adults who capture it. The average age of swine flu patients is 12, the common age for hospitalized patients is certainly 20, and for those who died, it was 37. The global world Health Organization declared swine flu a pandemic earlier this month.Sledge. Yet for many with advanced tumor, conversations about palliative and hospice choices do not occur until the patients’ last weeks or days of life, if they happen at all. This not only hurts sufferers, but their caregivers as well. ASCO’s new patient booklet and upcoming medical guidance can help patients and doctors broach these topics early in the course of treatment. A randomized trial sponsored by The ASCO Tumor Foundation recently discovered that individuals with advanced lung cancers who received both chemotherapy and palliative care immediately after their medical diagnosis lived almost three months longer than those that received chemotherapy by itself.