Abviva receives Japanese patent for Mammastatin Serum Assay Abviva.

These findings align with results of the original study carried out at the University of Michigan Cancers Center that demonstrated Mammastatin was normally produced by breasts epithelial cells in healthy women and was missing or reduced in transformed breasts epithelial cells. ‘This further solidifies the domestic and worldwide intellectual property protection technique we have applied with the University of Michigan,’ continuing Mr. Evans. ‘The issuance of the patent will be extremely essential as we gain regulatory authorization and market existence for the Mammastatin technology internationally.The case can be true for those taking severe doses for longer periods even. If you find that your physician is prescribing steroid-centered tablets or capsules or anything in the oral type, don’t be worried. Inquire the doctor about the dosage and how it can benefit in relieving the symptoms of the medical condition. The duration of the treatment can only just be recommended by an expert. For example, those for dealing with asthma might require the dosage for just two or three weeks whereas those utilized for arthritis rheumatoid can take a little longer.