According to a new international study.

1 out of 14 females sexually assaulted by a non-partner Around one out of 14 women worldwide above age 15 state they have been sexually assaulted by someone apart from their partner, according to a new international study. The Lancet study, that was released on Feb. 11, was conducted by researchers at the Southern African Medical Analysis Council, the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the global world Health Organization. They looked at 77 studies that collected data from 56 different countries between 1998 to 2011. The highest prices of sexual violence by a non-partner had been reported in sub-Saharan central Africa , accompanied by sub-Saharan southern Africa then Australasia ..

ARTs safe without routine tests, Lancet study finds A Lancet research published online Tuesday validates the safety of administering first-line antiretroviral therapy to individuals with HIV without schedule toxicity and efficacy lab tests, ‘[b]ut lab tests of immune-system function might be a good idea to monitor the progression of the condition and guide the second season of treatment,’ HealthDay/U.S. News & World Record reports. Without schedule laboratory monitoring,’ according to the content. For the Advancement of Anti-Retroviral Therapy in Africa study, experts examined the benefits of routine testing for unwanted effects experienced by individuals on Artwork and measured the efficacy of the medicines.’ The news service continues: ‘The results show that 90 percent of individuals whose outcomes were routinely approved to a doctor were alive after five years in comparison to 87 percent in the group whose results were just passed over if unusual.S.