Acelrx fourth quarter net loss increases to $6.

Financial Outlook AcelRx anticipates that study and development expenses will increase significantly over the next many quarters as AcelRx seeks to comprehensive Phase 3 clinical advancement of ARX-01. The development of ARX-04 beyond Phase 2 and initial preparations for Phase 3 are dependent on the identification of sources of extra financing from the USAMRMC or the identification of a partner to support these efforts. AcelRx believes its current money, money investments and equivalents are sufficient to fund operations in to the first quarter of 2013..The capability for disease to destroy families financially, seen in the united states and in many much less economically advanced countries where governments make little or no contributions to the cost of health care, is a lot diminished by Medicare, general public hospitals and subsidised pharmaceuticals. Medical misadventure remains uncommon more than enough to be newsworthy. Thousands of Australians are treated in hundreds of hospitals, both private and public, and 100 million services are provided by general practitioners each full year. But all is not well. Beds are in short supply, emergency departments struggle, and mental and oral health services are woefully inadequate.