Advances in thoracic surgery: an interview with Dan Wildman.

VATS has quickly become standard practice for most surgeons and we expect continued growth in this certain area. And, we always have one eye coming to anticipate where thoracic techniques might continue to evolve, potentially through new techniques such as tissue sparing and solitary port procedures amongst others. Could you please outline the new driven vascular stapler that is produced by Ethicon? We designed the Driven Vascular Stapler to really have the narrowest anvil with an articulating shaft and advanced positioning tip to greatly help provide better visibility, navigation and precise positioning during thoracic methods, including VATS for lung cancer tumor. This driven stapler represents a substantial advance that might help surgeons avoid potential complications and improve individual outcomes.The shortened recovery period from phototoxic reactions is a benefit, since these unpleasant reactions can last up to several days and result in absence from school or work and lost productivity. The benefits with afamelanotide with respect to secondary end points in the U.S. Trial had been also significant . The photoprovocation research provided additional support for the results with regards to the primary end stage by showing goal improvement in light tolerance .