AFFI commends Congress for approval of the Healthy.

AFFI applauds Congress for approving the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which extends existing federal childhood nutrition applications and includes important fresh funding and extended initiatives that will greatly boost efforts to really improve the nutritional wellness of American children, said Naasz. Related StoriesGLP-2 therapy can help battle neonatal parenteral nutrition-connected liver diseaseProper iodine nourishment necessary during pregnancyNutrition essential for patients dealing with severe burnsIncluded in the bill is an extra $4.5 billion in funding; new nutrition criteria for foods offered to school children; increased prices of reimbursement for college lunches; and a continuation of the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children that promotes baby and maternal nutrition.Several studies have not really found a difference in survival. D’Amico and his colleagues looked specifically at guys who had various other medical problems in addition to high-risk prostate malignancy – – particularly at men who had suffered a coronary attack. High-risk prostate tumor is cancer that is confined to the prostate but more likely to pass on to other parts of the body. We discovered that there was no survival benefit to adding hormones to men who had experienced a heart attack, D’Amico said.