After being arrested twice.

So activists have decided to take matters into their own hands once more, this time straight accosting BASF tractor plows, which were accompanied by a police escort in expectation of the activists actually. Police arrested seven people of the mixed group early on, but several others managed to get through the blockade where they proceeded to tie themselves to the plows. You will see photos of Greenpeace’s attempts here: What we find here happening is that the profit interests of a company like BASF is ranked higher than medical interests of the European general public who by huge majority rejects the cultivation of GMOs, said Ludvig Tillman of Greenpeace Sweden. The Commission rubberstamped the acceptance of risky Amflora and the Swedish government did nothing but watching [sic].Pacific countries should never underestimate the severity of the danger posed by HIV/Helps. The disease impacts on every level of society. It is one of the biggest threats to the economic and social development, stability, and security of developing countries. Australia is definitely dealing with our Pacific neighbours to put in place effective and useful programs to guarantee the region does not succumb to the terrible disease. Strong and noticeable leadership at all levels and sectors of authorities and civil culture in the Pacific is crucial if the effect of HIV/AIDS is to be minimised.