AIDS Healthcare Basis launches Stay Negative HIV testing campaign AIDS Healthcare Foundation.

Out from the Closet Thrift Store honoring World AIDS Day 2008, managed to get clear that people want to be tested, if testing is made accessible especially. We hope that the ‘Stay Adverse’ campaign-which directs visitors to convenient testing places throughout the city-will help people to see HIV examining as a routine component of looking after their own health insurance and that of their partners. California is at the forefront in implementing legislation to make routine HIV testing a reality as suggested by the Centers for Disease Control . In September 2006, the CDC released a landmark revision to its HIV testing suggestions encouraging U.S. Medical suppliers to make HIV tests a routine part of care in healthcare settings for all sufferers ages 13 through 64, and encourages linkages to care and treatment for those found to become HIV infected.Provides advanced liquid handling systems, automated immunoassay workstations and customized systems. We generate solutions for an array of applications by combining our proprietary liquid handling technology with a variety of systems and modules, each made to handle a particular task in the configuration. Our automated Immunoassay Workstations for ELISA, CLIA or FIA are created to process medium to large numbers of samples at decreased costs. The DNA Extraction Workstation, increases safety and throughput of complex and time consuming preparation of DNA amplification procedures. Our platform for GelCard-based Bloodstream Grouping applications, combines cards handling, piercing and identification, sample and reagent pipetting, incubation, centrifugation, reading and interpretation of the results.