And in which a lot of people will die.

Nobody knows what come to play a part in the seasonal H1N1 flu scene but in the end is the difference between a mild flu outbreak, and in which a lot of people will die, two things lie One. The virus, and it is impossible, which. Strains with which virulence, will predict circulating The other is garden-variety epidemics. Health measures for flu are already ,, and require ready to make look no crystal ball.

The difference between a serious outbreak with more deaths and a mild one, with less will certainly not depend on flu buddy system.While some preparations financing applies to standard health programs of the kind of public confidence inspiration in our health agencies, others are keeping money in such officials, keep the public be reassured virulence, do not fall asleep at the switch – even if the public is not asked is what Preparedness. Officials to do to ensure that the money do not strays and that no one claims it is soft on influenza. Therefore, you should have heard about flu buddy system, and why you hear a different story about school closings every few weeks.Lip cancers had the highest male-to -female mortality ratio. 5.5 men to any woman , followed by the esophagus .

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