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As a result we had in November, the hard evidence that violence has continued rise increase Geneerinen Priligy Suomesta . We have our report on the survey*, which means that almost half of the 1,000 physicians who responded that violence was a problem said, and more than a quarter said it had increased in the past year. Two out of five doctors said they had personally experienced violence in the last 12 months, the majority of whom were abused or threatened a number of times, some as many as 20th specialties, also said DHSSPS perpetrated more affirmative action by encouraging all employees to post any abusive or violent acts against them, and as often as possible, the PSNI report, accept We believe that it is only when people. To recognize that it imprisonment imprisonment if they doctors and other healthcare workers that an end be in sight attack. We are therefore very pleased that the Minister certain speed certain speed on this subject there is still scope announcement today announcement today is an excellent start .

Among clinicians, those reported at A & E, psychiatry and anesthesia specialties, the highest growth.* The BMA survey report on violence in the workplace on the on the BMA website. To the BMA website at select ‘ News ‘ information, Press Releases and choose November 2006 The report is a pdf of the press release of 10 November 2006, published.

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