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Accenture Policy Elements The Accenture Policy Elements is a recently architected end-to-end product and policy administration answer that builds upon earlier generations of Accenture insurance applications, including the Accenture Insurance Answer, a core P&C policy administration option and the Accenture Insurance Configuration Components, a product configuration application. The new answer supports an incremental execution based upon insurers’ needs – whether a rapid product and distribution channel deployment to support growth, or a operational systems consolidation centered on cost reduction.The mothers answered queries if their daughters had been 9 or under; normally, both moms and daughters answered. The girls with a family history of breast cancer were nearly 3 x as more likely to report themselves at increased risk of breast cancer as their peers without that history. However, many young ladies in both combined groupings were unsure of their risk, Bradbury found. Sara Rivero-Conil, a pediatric psychologist at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, wasn’t surprised that the girls with breast cancers in the family were as well-adjusted as their peers.