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Numerous proteins and genes have already been linked with a variety of cancers, which can make them targets for therapy, in addition to targets for determining the risk of cancer starting point, progression, or recurrence. The validation – – proving that the hyperlink accurately signifies the chance for or presence of cancer – – may be the critical step to create a truly useful check. The bladder cancer check uses a technology known as microsatellite DNA evaluation . Microsatellites, referred to as brief tandem repeats also, are repeating devices of one to six nucleotides found throughout human chromosomes. These repeating areas are generally mutated in tumors, either through deletions or by an extension of the real number of repeats.The founder and CEO of Phoenix PCS, Chiew Yan Lee, PhD, FRCPath, has a lot more than twenty years' experience in central laboratory procedures within the Asia-Pacific region. Dr. Lee will continue steadily to manage the functions in Shanghai and Singapore as Director, Shanghai and Singapore Procedures. ‘We are thrilled to be becoming a member of the ACM Global team,’ Dr. Lee said. ‘My staff and I have worked very hard to make a central lab that values high quality services most of all and feel our encounter, knowledge, and focus on client service suit perfectly with ACM and its own core values. With the resources and opportunities obtainable through ACM, we can further enhance our primary services and offer greater value to our clients even, partners, and suppliers. We are looking forward to being a part of ACM's ongoing growth and success, both in the Asia-Pacific area and globally.’ The ACM Singapore facility is located just five minutes from the Singapore International Airport and the city's logistics hub.