Birth Control Pills May Lower Womens Chances for Uterine Cancer: TUESDAY.

Birth Control Pills May Lower Women’s Chances for Uterine Cancer: – TUESDAY, Aug . 4, 2015 – – A new study suggests that birth control pills also may help shield females from uterine cancer. Taking contraceptive pills, even for just a few years, offers significant long-term security against uterine cancer, referred to as endometrial cancer also, the British researchers said. And the longer a women takes birth control pills, the higher her reduction in risk for the condition, concluded the team led by Valerie Beral of the University of Oxford.

The most common goal for those who have diabetes is to keep those levels below 7 %, the researchers explained. ‘Most of the participants in the study were self-referred to ‘country folk’ who discovered that they were able to control their diabetes. This research assists nurses and doctors to understand how people with type 2 diabetes can benefit from [self-monitoring],’ study writer Dana Brackney, a diabetes educator and an associate professor of nursing at Appalachian Condition University in Boone, N.C., said in an American Association of Diabetes Educators news launch. The findings were to be presented Wednesday at the AADE annual meeting in New Orleans. Research presented at meetings is normally viewed as preliminary until it’s been published in a peer-reviewed journal.