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Patrick Kennedy and Jim Ramstad , would the most health insurance companies to offer the same levels of coverage for physical and mental disorders. Under the bill, health insurance companies could not require larger copayments or implement lower reimbursement caps for mental illness. The legislation would also require health insurers to cover a number of mental illnesses. – After CQ Today, Kennedy and Ramstad jealously guarded the bill by the committee last year, but House leaders delayed a floor vote on the legislation until the legislature a proposal to cover the cost of about $ 4000000000 compensated 10 years could develop.

The drug has now Phase II clinical trials for traveler’s diarrhea in completed an U.S. FDA approved trial and is currently in Phase II clinical testing, sponsored by Napo, infected for cholera patients in Bangladesh at the International Centre for Diarrhoea Disease Research. Napo recently received a grant for about $ 600,000 USD by the National Institutes of Health in support of this product. It estimated that about 4 billion cases of acute infectious diarrhea is the world every year, often the potential for fatal dehydration.. Plant.Pharmaceuticals receives approval from Indian regulator to Phase II clinical trial for Crofelemer trigger for acute infectious diseases, diarrheahas won Crofelemer from a medicinal rainforest plant.A study releases about, since the start of the planned cervical screening programs that began in forty years ago forty years , there debates over the maximum age limit for effective screening. The survey concluded that screening for cervical cancer should not be to halt after age 50, because the risk is similar to the. By younger women, even after several negative smear Results The.

Tengion Inc. Announced today that the European Medicines Agency and European Commission who formally Tengion designated autogenous urothelium and smooth muscle cells – which Neo – blister Augment – when an orphan medicinal product to treat spina bifida.