Chimps split from men more than five million years.

He speculates the gene provided some kind of evolutionary advantage on the way from chimpanzees to modern humans.Chimps split from men more than five million years. The Y chromosome itself has been around a lot longer – about 300 million years. During this time there has been fighting an old battle of the sexes with the X chromosome.

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Articles:translation of elongation eEF1A2 is a potential oncogene two thirds of all two-thirds of mammary tumors.

Victoria AL Tomlinson, Helen J. Newbery, Naomi R. Juliette Jacksonville, Alexey Larionov, William R.Michael Dixon and Catherine M. AbbottBMC Cancer 2005, 5:113 Juliette Savin 44-207-631-99-31 BioMed Central BioMed Central.