CNN writes As more international aid and universities set up health programs in Malawi click to see full text.

But the success of the plan to another problem which is particularly acute acute – – ‘internal brain drain’, CNN writes ‘As more international aid and universities set up health programs in Malawi, they are nurses who trained all of Malawi taxpayer expense rent from publicly funded hospitals and. , ‘says, ‘says CNN (Gorman. click to see full text

The researchers found scarring Key To between obesity and diabetes link – The team, in collaboration with University Hospital Aintree, the University of Warwick and researchers in Sweden, found that people and those with and those with pre-diabetes levels of a protein called increased SPARC that scarring to tissue damage. The study showed that an increase in insulin, a hormone that controls blood sugar levels and leptin, a hormone that regulates appetite , can trigger an increase in SPARC, which can prevent the proper storage of adipose in fat cells.

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