Committee on Environment and Health and the Committee on Infectious Diseases.

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Beth Ragan of NIEHS, who served as a consultant on these reports. A compilation of state by state contain telephone and web-based resources of local experts in the technical report. About one-sixth of U.S. Households, their drinking water from private wells.. Nitrate, which sewage sewage or fertilizer, is the most common contaminant in wells. The presence of nitrates, can be a problem especially for infants less than three months, which can not metabolize nitrate. Water with a nitrate content of more than 1.0 milligrams per liter prepare used to prepare infant formula or a child. Younger than a year The policy statement suggests using bottled water for infants when nitrate contamination is detected, or when the source of drinking water is not known.Cross countrys: Understanding the challenges facing winter Olympic Champions.

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