##.. CONTACT: John J. Lavigne, University of South Carolina Columbia, South CarolinaTriCoder counter real Star Trek devicesSo drop by the store tonight and buy the latest model of a Star Trek TriCoder – type device – a handheld device to scan foreign environments – and use it to your house to check air for indoor pollutants as far-fetched as the idea may be, these devices closer to reality. Are typing, according to an article , ACS weekly news magazine – the article states that C & EN Senior Correspondent Marc Reisch, are scientific instrument maker at the center of efforts traditional to their to expand markets; easy to use instruments like mass spectrometers and infrared photometer from the laboratory and into the hands of the average consumer. In a world that fears terrorists, contaminated food and air pollutants, instrument companies are working on wearable, affordable, user-friendly devices that can make the design work of this laboratory columns, writes Reisch.

Should be ready model should Flu Vaccine Mismatch Of 2007-2008 season AvertIn order to avoid, the production of vaccines wrong wrong strains during influenza season should FDA consider shifting some of their selection as well as other changes to the vaccine composition of the study of two decisions analysts in a journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the management Sciences released. ‘Repeated Commit – or – Defer Decisions with a Deadline: The Influenza Vaccine Composition.’Is by Laura J. Kornish the University of Colorado and Ralph L. Keeney of Duke University It appears in the current issue of Operations Research.– CBS News reported on its program Sunday Morning that you might not know is that the Congress already been approved by and financing the program: to the plan to keep your medical records computerized. The stimulus bill – promoted program will the most records the most records line, challenge, because right now, left 90 per cent of hospital and 83 % of doctors in the paper data. CBS report that very few other sectors nor securities data records that allow users to non search, back-up or slightly to analyze the data. If you’re wondering what could be the future which the world as in all medical records is electronic to watch, you do not need to imagine it, CBS Reports. Kaiser Permanente have merely $ 4 billion in and of five years to install a with medical electronic system as four hundred thirty office and 35 clinics, including which us visited to Santa Clara, California, CBS tours the opportunity to observed electronic patient records in action in multiple hospitals 5,000 terminals (Pogue..

Kaiser Family Foundation 2005 Advisory Board Company and Kaiser Family Foundation, All rights reserved.. Furthermore Signs Bill To Parental Consent Required Prior of minors can be abortion should undergo.

House Committee endorse draft law on drug use in pregnancy The Arkansas House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday had a bill , with which the state on be children to investigate report abuse women who are bear baby would affected by their mother’s illegal drugs use during pregnancy, the Arkansas Democrat – Gazette reports , doctor would have to the national police child abuse hotline phone call, when a newborn tests exposure to exposure to illegal drugs and displays health problems with prenatal illegal drugs Report problem Kaiser Daily Reproductive Health, said enemies of Law, there could ‘punishing unfair’women while drug of the pregnancy, according to the Democrat-Gazette.