Creating 200 jobs over a period of five years.

– ‘The choice of Limerick for such an important project for Cook Medical’s great news and a welcome boost to the economy of the Limerick region,’said Bill Doherty, Executive Vice President, Cook Group Europe. ‘The opportunity in the production of advanced technology Zilver PTX stent in Limerick invest not only create jobs in the short term, but also provide the foundation for future technological development.’The Zilver PTX is a breakthrough technology for the treatment of peripheral arterial disease. Coating of the stent coating of the stent should it help arteries remain open for longer periods of time, which will greatly help those patients were diagnosed with PAD. ‘.. Production of the unit to start in the second half of 2009 and the first phase is to engage with an investment of 25 million euros , creating 200 jobs over a period of five years.

* A. Churnside, King and T. Perkins. Label – free optical imaging of membrane patches for atomic force microscopy. Optics Express. November 2010.** The team used ‘purple membrane ‘, the cell membrane of certain single-celled organisms and contains bacteriorhodopsin Bacteriorhodopsin isich detects light energy. Bacteriorhodopsin is embedded in purple membrane and is a common protein for research in the life sciences.‘Our data is to show first that AML patient involved in normal-looking chromosomes of and the mutation also when aggressive than patients not treated for the mutation,’says Director of Studies Clara D. Bloomfield, professor of internal medicine and an internationally known AML specialist.

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