Duke researchers examined data about Medicare beneficiaries who.

Duke researchers examined data about Medicare beneficiaries who, chemotherapy for diagnoses of leukemia lymphoma, lung or colorectal cancer from across the United States receive. You looked at the distance patients traveled to get their chemotherapy, and the amount of time that lapsed from diagnosis to initiation of chemotherapy. They compared data from 2003, We have learned Modernization Act went into effect, with the data from the following years until 2006. – ‘The distance patients traveled for after diagnosis treatments do not increase significantly after the passage of the law,’said Lesley Curtis, a health services researcher in the DCRI and lead investigator of of the study. ‘And despite concerns that patients would be treated to inpatient settings with longer wait times, we observed a small shift in the provision of initial chemotherapy from inpatient to outpatient settings between 2003 and 2006.

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