For men in the intent-to-treat population with a detectable PSA at baseline read full text.

For men in the intent-to-treat population with a detectable PSA at baseline, treated much less men with toremifene 80 mg of PSA progression was over of time compared to men taking placebo at baseline , there was no difference in PSA progression in men with toremifene 80 mg treated compared with men taking placebo were. – These new safety data are consistent with the mechanism of action, in other studies, toremifene, the inhibition of growth of the prostate have shown observed in the animal model and in our Phase IIb clinical trial evaluating toremifene for the prevention of prostate cancer said Mitchell S. Steiner, Chief Executive Officer of GTx read full text . In men with advanced prostate cancer, PSA is a sensitive marker of progression and followed closely followed by physicians and their patients the the underlying cancer, said Dr. Steiner continued. It is encouraging to find in our Phase III trial in men with advanced prostate cancer on ADT that castrate levels of testosterone and estrogen are led toremifene 80 mg treatment in fewer men with detectable PSA demonstrate at baseline PSA progression in over time, when compared to placebo. .

More than 10,000 South Carolina women aged 10 to 19 were pregnant in 2006, about 25 percent for the second time. After a 25 percent decline in the teen pregnancy rate from 1994 to 2004, the rate rose from 33 pregnancies per 1,000 female adolescents in 2004 to 36 pregnancies per 1,000 female adolescents in 2006.

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