Full Citation: Mehta et al.

Full Citation: Mehta et al. Respiratory problems in the Middle East: A Review. Respirology. This link will take place on the paper: see here.

Airways spread in the Middle Eastlung diseases in the Middle East range from the centuries-old pulmonary tuberculosis caused up to modern manifestations by chemical warfare. Now a new paper in Respirology, a journal of the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology provides pulmonologists and patients specifically with the first comprehensive review of respiratory diseases for the Persian Gulf region and the challenges in treating them. This unique review is the first of its kind in this topic and will serve as a landmark reference article.BIO in 2008 exhibition will be 36 countries of or regional pavilions to demonstrate a shared room for companies in the region. For the first time pavilions for 2008 have South Africa, Brazil, Argentina and Portugal. That top ten international Pavillons with respect to size include Canada, Germany, France and the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain and Australia. – We are very satisfied with the increased level international participation, said Robbi Lycett Vice President, 2008.00 We are also excited to be welcoming over 80 high-ranking officials by 17 different countries. .