ICDs are implanted generally heart beats heart beats are too fast.

ICDs are implanted generally heart beats heart beats are too fast, but most ICD systems have to deal with the ability to slow heart rhythm and. It is not uncommon for patients who require both types of treatment at different times. Programmed instructions for the stimulation of the heart in the same manner as in the ICD therapy for VT or VF, the ICD continuously monitors for the slow or fast heartbeats and automatically steps or shocks, if necessary. Your doctor may choose you the best types of treatment for your heart condition..

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C-reactive protein and CRP as a part of as part the human body inflammatory response. Infection and inflammation which are caused by various diseases can cause CRP Abnormally in the blood. Abnormal fatty deposits on the internal walls of the arteries, are prone to breakage and can reason heart attack, also higher CRP, which is why the protein a means for advocated as a means to of cardiac risk risk of heart disease in some patients.