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Offered at no cost for verified physicians, Ozmosis accelerates learning and knowledge exchange across medicine and is dedicated to the improvement of health cooperation.. If you are a doctor and would like an invitation to Ozmosis, visit joinAbout OzmosisOzmosis, an online Medical Knowledge ,, together with physicians patient care patient care since 2006. Ozmosis aggregates the collective wisdom and experience of its physicians and transforms individual insights into trusted knowledge for its members, the doctors a place where they can turn daily for trusted and reliable clinical practice management and health policy information.

On Ozmosis, physicians more likely to apply acquire acquire, because they know and trust the source of the information, says Dr.physicians can use simple tools to Ozmosis to bookmark and post content – journal abstracts, medical cases, podcasts, blog entries, and clinical studies – from anywhere on the web. Ozmosis then combines individual physician insights into a searchable knowledge base in real time.For 8 weeks favorable for five-day radiation from Early-Stage Prostate Cancer.

Preliminary results show that a shorter the course of radiotherapy for prostate cancer stereotactic radiation offers body . The study authors warn you that further follow-up may be needed to establish to SBRT is so effective of the long term of office as others proven treatments.

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