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The concept that talk may been from knowledge largely overlooked in studies of local environmental knowledge, Palmer said. Illustrate illustrate the importance of this concept, the researchers as an example of the inhabitants of the small fishing villages on the Great Northern Peninsula Saudi Arabia pharmacy . According to Palmer, these people are traditionally reluctant to talk about their knowledge or with what others say about the environment do not agree. It is also popular to say ‘cuffers, ‘exaggerations that are used to discussion interesting be. Filter out fishing industry has historically been a major source of income in the BSP, however of cod stocks of cod stocks in recent decades, the economic problems caused and led to social stratification and blame in the communities. Highly politicized as a result almost all discussions on the environment, Palmer said. Residents are aware of this and try to influence the audience, when they talk about the environment. Charges charges for reducing the cod stock against one group or another, have led what Palmer called ‘an almost ritualized reference to the possibility that the speech would not synonymous with knowledge. ‘.

Psychotropic Bring relieve chronic Headache Pain. Been exercised.ercent of the population suffers from chronic headaches , this condition is. Defined as headaches occurring on average at least 15 days in the last three months, they have the disadvantage of very different causes and thus require far apart drugs for the treatment. Kouroumalos and his team administered antipsychotic drugs, ie drugs that are actually used to treat psychoses, to patients who several multiple attempts of conventional preventive therapy. The retrospective study involved the files of 20 patients who have tried traditional therapy with at least three different migraine drugs not not been exercised. Half of them were then antipsychotic antipsychotic Perphenazine and the other half with the atypical antipsychotic olanzapine. – Both substances brought dramatic relief from headache with olanzapine so to an even greater extent than Perphenazine However, Nikolaos Kouroumalos said: More patients discontinued treatment with olanzapine. The atypical antipsychotic causes less motor disorders than their conventional counterparts, but weight gain weight gain than conventional antipsychotics. This side effect is less significant medically but for the many patients it was too high a price for peace and tranquility in their minds to pay.

The European biotech industry welcomes the the European Commission Communication about the European Lead Market Initiative. In the biotech industry particularly welcomed the key support in this announcement is the Lead Market Initiative in the field of bio-based products, such as enzymes, biochemicals such bio-based components and bioplastics. By developing support guidelines and actions that stimulating the demand for these products, this new policy is innovation for bio-based items to promote the transformation of knowledge into new organic products and bioprocesses.