In 30-year war on HIV / AIDScreated in a span of three decades appeared a disease.

Hahn team identified the subspecies of chimpanzee in West Central Africa with the simian virus identified connected to all major HIV – 1 variants in humans. Local hunters exposure to infected blood, while field dressing is the most likely route of infection.. Its spread. In 30-year war on HIV / AIDScreated in a span of three decades appeared a disease, a public health crisis, killing millions of people around the world before modern medicine commuted a certain death sentence into a chronic, manageable disease.

Saag among the among the most important voices in that the treatment is prevention, an idea of the Obama administration in 2010 adopted as the cornerstone of the first National HIV / AIDS Strategy was. Results from a randomized trial in Africa 96 – 96 – % reduction in the risk of infection by preventing confirms the wisdom of this strategy, he says.Notes – Section 2 of the HSW Act states:’. It is the duty of every employers of ensuring, extent as is reasonably. ‘Health, safety and welfare at work of all his staff ‘.

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