In rural areas.

In rural areas, for example, people can easily get sick to moderate flu but then by what they believe is the common cold or flu recover without medical treatment.

###Item ‘. Racial differences in the treatment of hospitalized patients with liver cirrhosis and complications of portal hypertension: A National Study ‘Nguyen, Geoffrey; Segev, Dorry; Thuluvath, Paul Hepatology; May 2007, .There is times, however, where removal of the source of the pain is impossible and no specific the performed to the pain have to cover. One example of this , an electrical stimulating the spinal cord blocks from blocks pain signals. And risk of this procedure as it is risk of infection, as it is. To another operational if the method with patients is fully asleep, there is the danger that needle would be excessive, and it could result paralysis.. However, it are some of the risks to the kinds of surgery for treatment of pain?

Q: As are some of risks to the types of surgery used to treat pains?

Answer: one such rule the modern pain management being the source of pain if possible if possible.

However, it is important to understand that these procedures, if of physicians who actually performed in which handler well versed, has minimal risk of, in view of the nerve damages, and also a small risk in relation to infected. Is another type of method, which is done specifically The risk of these pain, the implantation of a pump which provide a small amount of medicine to the cerebrospinal fluid, such that the drug points point of where the pain enters Code to the central nervous system.