In this new analysis of data by replacing tamoxifen with Arimidex .

In this new analysis of data by replacing tamoxifen with ‘ Arimidex ‘, postmenopausal women treated for breast cancer, nearly halved probability probability of her illness back and reduce their risk of dying by almost a third. – The first time that an aromatase inhibitor has shown a survival advantage over tamoxifen in early breast cancer, these studies , along with, along with others such as the ATAC trial that tamoxifen is no longer the best option. Patients. Have taken two years of tamoxifen to anastrozole should at the earliest opportunity to give them the best chance of surviving their disease are shut down, said Professor Walter Jonat, University of Kiel, Germany, the key researchers, tamoxifen, the SABCS..

The data showed a median follow-up of 30 months for patients with ‘ Arimidex ‘, started instead still on tamoxifen, experienced a:.. Three key international trials[ ABCSG – Austrian Breast & Colorectal Cancer Study Group 8 , ARNO – ‘ Arimidex’ – ‘ Nolvadex ’95 and ITA – Italian Tamoxifen Anastrozole ] were similarly designed to assess, in women who are already being treated with tamoxifen, was whether or not replacing tamoxifen therapy with ‘ Arimidex ‘ after 2-3 years more effective than remaining on tamoxifen for the full year 5 years of treatment. Professor Jonat presented a meta-analysis of three studies at SABCS today.The American Lung Association for to avoid pulmonary disease and improving the air quality improve air quality for all Americans. For additional information or to that the American Lung Association support cleaner air initiatives, visiting.