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The positive security profile demonstrated to time suggests the drug could be tolerated at higher dosage levels than 400 mg weekly. Preparation for Stage III Development As reported previously, THE BUSINESS plans to carry out a little study at an increased dose than 400 mg per week for potential use in a Stage III scientific trial. Preparatory function for a Phase III clinical trial of 6 -12 weeks of treatment includes produce and formulation of medication product and additional animal toxicology studies which ANP plans to undertake with a future development partner.. ANP reports main efficacy outcomes from ATL1103 Stage II trial in individuals with acromegaly Antisense Therapeutics Limited is pleased to report the primary efficacy results from it is Phase II clinical trial of ATL1103 in sufferers with the potentially lifestyle threatening development disorder, acromegaly.‘The history of the unraveling and prevention of this worldwide, unique, severe disease is a remarkable story of the integration of medical advancement, molecular biology and material science,’ writes Harris, who’s Alan Gerry Clinical Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery at Harvard Medical School. Harris was a pioneer in the field of joint replacement, beginning in the past due 1960s. But he and various other surgeons gradually noticed that hip implants could loosen starting about 5 years after medical procedures and eventually fail completely. There were many theories about the reason for that loosening, several which focused on the adhesive used or the possibility of infection.