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Schiller is among a group of investigators directing the international trial to judge the efficacy of a novel chemotherapy agent that are even more effective in the current presence of estrogen-regulated proteins. Research suggests that estrogen may facilitate lung cancers metastasis and growth, making the disease more intense in pre-menopausal women. Nevertheless, the same estrogen-induced proteins that promote lung tumor may also facilitate delivery of an extremely active therapeutic agent to tumor tissue, thus converting a poor risk element – – higher estrogen levels – – into one that may benefit the individual..‘But also for the medical field it’s a paradigm shift. And once doctors understand the basics of our software, they don’t know how they lived without it.’ And, Carlson said, the program is a big strike in school biology classes. ‘It’s amazing to start to see the kids’ eye light up if they discover this,’ he stated. ‘They’re completely engaged if they see in the body with this technology.S. Combined with its approval to take care of moderate to severe Crohn’s disease, HUMIRA is now approved for the treatment of two primary diseases that comprise inflammatory bowel disease .