Looking at security measures to protect the injury.

‘These findings are important because probably by the first understanding of the mechanism of injury concerning children, In 2004, looking at security measures to protect the injury, how to prevent safer glasses the use the use of protective eyewear during sports ‘, Sara Sinclair, a researcher said at the Center for Injury Research and Policy.

Evaluated for the research, Xiang and his research team in 2002 and 2003 data from the National Electronic injury Surveillance System, analyzes the consumer product injury Each case of eyeglasses related violations identified by a code, it was examined to identify the cause of the injury.At 19 to 21 July, nearly 3,000 registered nurses certain Certified Nursing Assistants, Surgical Technologists, House Keepers, employees, operating room technicians, emergency technicians, and other caregivers approve a future strike in HCA / West Hills Medical Center, HCA / Los Robles Medical Center and HCA / Riverside Community Hospital – all of by for -profit Hospital Corporation HCA belongs to. No strike date of has been set.