MOSAIC employs Lutronic patented Controlled Chaos Technology.

MOSAIC employs Lutronic patented Controlled Chaos Technology , the plurality of arrays of randomized microscopic laser delivers to the skin. MOSAIC unique ‘spray paint ‘approach eliminates the need for multiple linear passes and the clinical disadvantages of unavoidable overlap.

The punch-like Static Mode has the ability to immediately deliver 50-500 spots/cm2 and is suitable for small lesions or scars. With a choice of four different skin sensing tips can Static mode adapted to lesions or scars treat any size without thermal damage to surrounding tissue. 20 percent of sales and Lutronic has quickly developed as one of the world’s leading manufacturer of medical lasers. From the award-winning Spectra Line of groundbreaking new MOSAIC system is Lutronic, committed innovative and effective technology for the clinical and aesthetic professionals.The potential importance of these findings to women of childbearing potential finding that observation that PAHs thrown Similarly molecular signaling pathways into the human ovaries fabric transplanted into immunocompromised mice.. The authors found that female mice injected with under the skin polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon – environmental toxins included in cigarette smoke – pre – pregancy and as lactating was found that normal sized litters. Cell clusters one single egg a single egg – however Your female offspring were considerably reduced the number of Sleep and early growing follicles. Additional analyzes indicated that the effects of on the number of follicles within the PAHs female offspring by said aryl hydrocarbon receptor , that up-regulated expression of said gene containing a protein Harakiri, the cells, by a process die such as apoptotic conveys effected been making.

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