New patient choice policy take no account of limited resources and funding.

New ‘patient choice’ policy take no account of limited resources and funding, the authors say. – – ‘consumers ‘in the new NHS – bear no financial responsibility for the choices they make. Primary Care Trusts , which pay for the local area area, just picking up the bill without control over expenditure.

The U.S. Institute of Medicine report, which recommended commissioned by the Obama administration in order that all U.S. Approval of contraception, including ‘morning after’pill to curb shortly after intercourse pregnancy stop should also be added to the list of preventive health care services , the recommendation faced opposition from conservative and religious groups that shunned cover using the taxpayers’ money for birth control, especially the ‘morning after pill ‘.The addition of cisplatin chemotherapy for radiotherapy of been having better survival compared with radiotherapy alone of patients with nose and throat Crab, to a recent study.