Nicotine and cotinine per cigarette than regular cigarettes.

The research has shown that menthol cigarettes can provide smoke higher concentrations of carbon monoxide, nicotine and cotinine per cigarette than regular cigarettes.’Menthol stimulates cold receptors, so it produces a cooling sensation, ‘Foulds said. ‘This effect can help, smokers inhale more nicotine per cigarette and so become addicted In fact, it helps to facilitate the poison down.

The researchers, who published their results in a special issue of the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research, reviewed the evidence from 10 published studies that compared smoking cessation rates or proportions between menthol and regular cigarette smokers.Highly interactive health and wellness site greater than 1500 audio and video media as files , organized and targeted to your specific and unique address health effects. Take the free health and wellness Rating Free on the home page and experience how his surveys a wide variety of healthcare Immediate ask a custom an integrative of suggestions for public health challenges!. About the Author: – Saputo Saputo show which being aboard certificated Internist Medicine & Health and has into private practice of integrative, integrated, person – focused healthcare that is in the Health Medicine Centre (in Walnut Creek, CA concentrates Dr.

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