Of these figures for 31 December 2004.

Of these figures for 31 December 2004, UK – NHS waiting list figures prepared by the Government Statistical Service – waiting? The number of patients, for whom English commissioners are responsible to wait more than 9 months to the end of December 2004 was 86 This is 34,000 lower than December 2003. Of these, 86 12 German waiting waiting in Welsh hospitals. At the end of December, the 86 were waiting over 9 months, 24 patients, for whom English responsible responsible to wait over 12 months, four of which have been waiting in Welsh trusts.

Waiting lists? The total number of patients waiting for NHS hospitals in England was admitted at the end of December 2004 858th an increase of 14.7 percent) since the end of November 2004, but a decrease of 115.8 percent) since December 2003.At its heart, of the new of tobacco Plan builds the strategic put at Town by the previous government. This plan is is evidence that there are now strong cross-party political accepted that a clampdown to smoke with smoking primary public health priority and a strong signal to Council Health and Wellbeing Chests in that tackling smoking must be top on the agenda. We are happy that this government is exposes us marketed in plain packing on the way, the first European country tobacco tobacco. This is a crucial a next step into protect young people from the insidious marketing tactics tobacco industry.

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