Only five % of cancer patients participate in clinical trials.

Not only does lack of participation of minorities and women, they concluded from the next generation of potentially life-saving treatment, but it also makes it more difficult for doctors to treat the risks and benefits in a clinical trial found that to translate these under – represented groups of patients.. Although clinical studies are important because they the next generation of the next generation of potentially life-saving treatments, only five % of cancer patients participate in clinical trials.

‘ Article: ‘Predictors of Enrollment in Lung Cancer Clinical Trials ‘Wei Du, Shirish M. Gadgeel, Michael P. Krebs; published online : 12 December 2005 Print Issue Date: 15 January 2006. Die Gruppen planen endgültigen Vorschläge für Den Kongress einreichen sp.,),. From this group, 21 % participated in a lung cancer study. The researchers found that patients who did not take part, more African Americans , female should be P. 70 . The researchers say their results with caution given that the study looked at enrollment at a single medical center and not study other factors that can play a role in the clinical trial attendance play can be seen.Way possibility, Adam Snook, and Scott Waldman, from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia and colleagues immunization mouse with a viral vector, of the guanylyl cyclase C protein expressed typically the intestinal mucous membrane the intestinal mucosa and will metastatic CRC metastatic colorectal carcinoma cell. The scientists is injected the animals colon cancer cells before and after immunization guanylylcyclase C.