The FDA should next end the heated debate over biosimilars naming and require that biosimilars and their branded biologic counterparts share the same non-proprietary name. The FDA also needs to issue clear rules for designating a biosimilar product as interchangeable with a reference item. A recent survey of pharmacists released in the Journal of Managed Care & Specialty Pharmacy found ample evidence for the use of nonproprietary names to promote biosimilars’ use available on the market. Roughly three-quarters of pharmacists said they would feel confident or very assured substituting an interchangeable biosimilar for its top quality biologic counterpart if both products talk about the same non-proprietary name, based on the study conducted by consulting firm Xcenda, an AmerisourceBergen organization.‘We at AACC are honored to end up being identified by the Hermes Innovative Awards for our efforts to provide lab practitioners with the info they have to improve patient wellness through effective testing, analysis, and treatment. The new site presents in-depth information about the many programs and services the ongoing company gives, which include free of charge preliminary meetings and software program demonstrations with potential clients. Since the full day ABC50plus opened for business, it provides strived to be a head in integrated ERP solutions for its clients. Relating to Carol Roberts, Director of ABC50plus and ABC Business Solutions, the company's friendly, knowledgeable and experienced Management Software and Accountants Engineers can install a financial, operations, payroll and patient care solution that’s integrated, with a custom survey article writer and consolidation module for management reporting.