Professor Foy says that thanks to new technologies using genomics.

Professor Foy says that thanks to new technologies using genomics, scientists can now sift through vector genomes, to quickly and accurately find protein targets , which can then help in the development of more specified drugs and vaccines.

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High-risk more effective than conventional techniques Cancer Screening, Study Says.

Is testing the human papillomavirus an effective approach to detect pre-cancerous cells in women under 35 years as the standard cervical screening methods of, basis of provisional results a study by released of the July edition of the magazine Lancet Oncology, told Reuters Health reports show (Rauscher, Reuters Health, Guglielmo Ronco of the Centre for cancer Prevention in Turin, Italy, and colleagues randomly 5 808 women allocated aged between 25 and 34 to an common cervical method of – the default Pap smears and a transfer for a colposcopy a method involved when the test produce abnormal results – and 6,002 women for an experimental HPV screening procedure – which involved in a liquid-based Pap smear screening of the screening of high-risk types of HPVs and bank transfer to colposcopy need (Ronco, the Lancet Oncology, the trial states that HPV testing – in conjunction with a the cervical cell of audit, Y confirm in the event of in the case of positive results – better than the traditional Pap smear in order to demonstrate precancerous cells is.