Professor Phil Dale objectives and main results of the initiativeDr.

To life.iological processes.l Consultants – a user’s perspectiveProfessor Guy Poppy, University of Southampton – the science behind gene flowThe goal of Gene Flow in Plants and Microorganisms initiative was to better understand the biological events that control and give effect to the introduction of new genetic material to the genomes of plants and microorganisms and the probability and consequences of the subsequent transfer of the inserted material to to other organisms..

Media briefing on the outcome of Gene Flow in Plants and Microorganisms InitiativeWhere: Copthorne Tara Hotel, Scarsdale Place, Kensington, W8 5SRWhen: 10 June 2005The Gene Flow in Plants and Microorganisms Initiative, supported by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and the Natural Environment Research Council in November 2000 was launched, of gene transfer from plants and other organisms , and the potential results such transfers. The aim of the initiative was to understand what happens when increase new or foreign genes inserted into an organism ‘s genome that control the mechanisms inserting the whether the inserted genetic material between organisms transmitted and, if so, what might be the consequences of gene flow..Currently, two more people, what symptoms are H5N1 infection, has shown admitted for treating of Sulaymaniyah range the hospital. Healthcare officer, to support of by WHO staff are a Rescue command center on to react at the outburst explore gossip and address public concerns is set.