Scared of whistleblowers.

History of rank incompetence and cover-up Still, a raft of bad PR has the TSA on the defensive obviously. Last November, the agency became embroiled in one of its many scandals after a whistleblower accused the agency of hiding her sexual assault, which occurred as a result of a TSA investigator, by forcing her to sign a document disavowing the incident. Nilda C. Marugame, a TSA employee at Lihue airport, therefore attempted to notify the Assistant Federal Security Director, but she was suspended for three times and forced to indication a statement saying the sexual developments were consensual. ‘She says she is ‘at least the third woman to survey unwelcome sexual developments’ from the same man, and that of his victims had been retaliated against with suspension or threats of termination,’ says a report on the subject of her complaint by Courthouse Information Support.Patrick Packer, executive director of the Southern Helps Coalition and a moderator for the dialogue, really wants to pose this question: ‘Exactly why is it that the South is not getting its fair talk about of federal money predicated on the epidemic?’ The South leads the nation in the %age of AIDS-related deaths. Yet, the region ranks last when it comes to overall federal government dollars allocated to an HIV-contaminated person at $6,565 a full year, based on the coalition. Forty-six % of brand-new AIDS cases in 2007 had been in the South, according to the latest figures from the U.S.