Since the beginning of the cholera epidemic.

With the ongoing generous support of our private donors and commitment of our staff, many of which remain to continue working despite the death of family members and friends – MSF is dedicated to using our experience in Haiti to assist and improve our and and prepare for future emergencies. .. Since the beginning of the cholera epidemic, MSF-supported cholera treatment centers treated more than 91,000 people nationwide out of the 171,300 cases reported by 1 January 2011. The anniversary of the earthquake approaches, it is important to be even more help to the deficits of the past year given the immense needs of the population and the trust of conferred lent meet these needs against, Unni Karunakara, MSF International President.

While overall access to basic health care since the earthquake has improved, highlights the rapid spread of cholera in the country, the boundaries of the international aid system in responding effectively to new emergencies. International organizations need to live up to the commitments made to the people of Haiti and donors by turning promises into concrete actions, said MSF.New trends shows that laser technologies guides the future the cosmetic surgery industries. That American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery , a leader in the cosmetic surgery industry resulted in its annual Procedural Survey and the most notable was shift towards non – invasive laser treatments.