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Many patients have an increase in facial hair and weight gain due to hormonal changes associated with PCOS, he notes. Some women with the condition, even higher concentrations of LDL cholesterol than the general public, which increases the likelihood of the development of heart disease.

A form of treatment that can address the irregular periods, hair growth and fertility, metformin, Lebovic says. Some studies have shown that the drug is is often used with diabetes with diabetes and increasingly with PCOS, the amount of the patient to reduce the excess hair growth and can increase the ovulation, increases the woman’s fertility. For women, try not to become pregnant birth control pills often used to treat PCOS.Of overuse of antibiotics since the 1940 had been a variety of infections a variety of infections who are resistant to antibiotics. MRSA spreads such quickly through hospitals, more than 8,000 people in Britain annual. MRSA infection may cause to septic shock and death. ####Chemistry & IndustryPlease acknowledge Chemistry & Industry as the source of these elements.

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