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The ASA Impact test measures thromboxane, a chemical produced in the physical body that could cause blood to clot under certain conditions. Thromboxane levels are low in individuals who respond well with their ASA therapy. A high degree of thromboxane indicates a patient might not be benefitting from their ASA therapy; these individuals should consult their doctor regarding a potential change in dosage or even to determine the necessity for substitute therapy. Unlike additional platelet tests, which need freshly drawn blood that must definitely be evaluated within four hours, the ASA Effect check only requires a urine sample which can be collected at the doctor’s office or LifeLabs patient support centres.In this full case, prepare any hospital trips as early as possible. This consists of establishing how you will get to and from the hospital as well as recording any questions you might wish to ask the physician. 5. Offload the Housework Do it now! Who wants to do housework anyway? As we’ve stated above, simple tasks can become a strain. There’s no need to waste valuable energy on vacuuming or cleaning. Hire a cleaner, coerce the young kids, convince a spouse; no matter who does it just so long as you have period to relax. 6. Delegate, Delegate, Delegate This goes dual for any of those daily chores that quickly accumulate.