Statistics also show an increase in the number of treated cases of syphilis from 2006 to 2007.

Most people are in the productive time of their lives , could study at university or earn money through work, Samuela added that the issue of sexual behavior very complex. Sexual behavior to an economic and social problems in terms of treatment, follow-up of partners or contacts for treatment and care, all includes costs, resources, testing equipment and facilities, medicines for the treatment, said Samuela (Sakiasi, Fiji Times.. According to the Times were the first the ministry24 cases of gonorrhea in 2007 was the highest Fiji not seen in five years and an increase compared to the 416 cases dealt with in 2006.

Statistics that show over the past eight years by the Ministry that gonorrhea and syphilis, the most common STIs reported in the country, the Samuela said highlights the concern motivating unsafe sexual behavior of young people and the same high-risk behavior are the transmission of HIV. He also said that sex is serious business and that [a] nyone, especially young people who participate do so at their risk in terms of the sad consequences of infection by as many STIs, ,, pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility.Doctors When OU, obligation high-quality healthcare committed Oklahomans, And in today fast changing medical environment, News Editor, intelligent, innovative ways to help our citizens of at increase access to necessary treatment and prevention of to explore, said Brian Maddy, CEO to the OU Physicians. By joining forces with minutes Clinic and share our know expertise we will badly needed much needed power over a larger number on patient and provide ensure view more Oklahomans receive the resources which they need for lead a healthier life. We are are delighted to which cooperation and the positive results of there will produce smitten.

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