Than if their feet is placed in an immobilising plaster cast.

If the fracture is steady, then encouraging them to walk immediately after surgery is also beneficial. Nevertheless, increased activity does raise the opportunity of experiencing issues with the surgical wound. These conclusions are released in a systematic review contained in the latest update of The Cochrane Library. Related StoriesWomen with Type 2 diabetes face barrier to physical activityExercise can protect brain function, reduce occurrence of PTSDWomen with elevated breast cancer risk can reap the benefits of regular physical activityAnkle fracture is among the most common fractures of the lower limb, especially in teenagers and older women.For some, the journal also became a location to vent emotions. The control group also kept journals, but did not have the intervention training. All participants received weekly phone calls from researchers to discuss their experiences. Individuals also were given pre-study and post-study checks to measure and monitor physical and emotional changes during the four-week research. The experts were surprised and very happy to learn that 95 % of the participants wrote in their journals 23 of the 28 times, and 91 % completed all the testing.