The new findings are available in the inaugural problem of mBio-.

Mice were injected with the vaccine and following challenge were monitored for morbidity and mortality daily for 10 days. All the mice vaccinated with the headless HA vaccine survived, while all unvaccinated mice passed away. Mount Sinai School of Medicine has submitted a patent software for this vaccine approach. Our results suggest that the response induced by this vaccine is certainly potent more than enough to warrant further advancement toward a general influenza virus vaccine, said Dr. Palese. With additional development and testing, we predict a single immunization shall later on offer a sufficient defense against several influenza epidemics.At baseline and at the scheduled annual follow-up visits, the patient’s general practitioner collected prespecified study info, including anthropometric methods, blood pressure, heart rate, lifestyle practices, current clinical conditions, any new medical diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, essential laboratory lab tests, current medical therapies, treatment compliance , and clinical outcomes. During these visits, the general practitioner also evaluated the patient for the presence and treatment of cardiovascular risk elements and considered, in light of current suggestions, how to reduce the patient’s general cardiovascular risk. Patients whose treatment was stopped for any reason were followed before end of the analysis.