The next stage.

The results of the study will to in support of the health care workers who would unable to treat autism with behavioral and educational interventions but better treatment better treatment and diagnostic tools .

And Dr.anada funded research Reveals key changes in DNA in individuals with autismThe Autism Genome Project, a new international study, the 9th of the June issue of the journal Nature published that people with autism may be differences in their genes that are unique, have for each person. The Canadian led study is funded by public and private partners, including major awards and support of Genome Canada, thru the Ontario Genomics Institute. Genome Canada receives its support from the Government of Canada. The research team led by Dr. Stephen Scherer, a molecular genetics researcher at the University of Toronto, Director of the McLaughlin Centre for Molecular Medicine and director of the Hospital for Sick Children Centre for Applied Genomics, and Dr. Peter Szatmari together, a professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Neurosciences, McMaster University, Hamilton and director of the Offord Centre for Child Studies. – ‘International Cooperation, the people the best scientists have focused the world on important health issues such as autism, the highest probability of success, ‘said Dr. Thomas Caskey, Chairman of the Board of Genome Canada. ‘Genome Canada is proud to support the research of two scientists played a leading role played a leading role supporting since the beginning this important study, ‘said Dr.

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The next stage, Houseboat add , is to look in her their role in pregnancy tolerances in humans – a line of research that can into such into such pregnant associated preeclampsia preeclampsia, in which high blood pressure and other symptoms will develop during the second half of pregnancy. Preeclampsia is a major cause of of maternal in the world. – ‘There learn a lot,’he says. ‘Pregnancy in research in research because it generally successful, and since – on immunological view of. There of such complexity Until now If has hard, of comprises a handle to grasp how the immunology during pregnancy real. ‘ Work described in in the PNAS article, ‘gestation , fetal antigen-specific maternal T regulatory cell responses that contribute in tolerance inducing ‘partly in part by a research grant out of the museum attraction is Foundation. Houseboat is aided by the National Institutes of Health buildings Interdisciplinary Studies Careers in Women’s Health Center at UCLA.

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Under normal circumstances, that antigen exist no a problem for male fetus because the pregnancy tolerance phenomenon shall enter into force to an impact and protect Before any maternal immune system.