The researchers check more information.

The researchers, funded by public and charitable sources, studied how the rather poetically named protein Nanog helps give cells pluripotency check more information . Nanog takes its name from the Celtic word ‘Tir Nan Og ‘or ‘land of forever young. ‘a key player in a key player in pluripotency in 2003, but until now, the precise biological role remained unclear. Silva says: ‘It was clear that Nanog was important, but we wanted to know how it works Our research shows see the followingtein is the last switch in a multi-step process, the cells the very powerful feature of the flips. Pluripotency. ‘.

But Nanog does not work alone, it seems to be the manager responsible for a. Orchestra of genes and proteins, all of which must be at the right time and play in perfect harmony to create pluripotency Silva added: the next challenge is to find out exactly how Nanog influences all these other molecules. .

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