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And because of this anti – elitist attitude, it is often difficult, the funds for programs and services, help us some of the of our of our brightest, most advanced kids – America’s most important resource. – Giftedness is still not well understood, and children with advanced intellectual and academic abilities can perplex and challenge both educators and parents, Pfeiffer said. A key problem in working with gifted children a definition of does it mean that it means mean gifted .. Steven I. Pfeiffer is a professor at the Florida State Department of Educational Psychology and Learning Systems. He is a licensed psychologist who works with gifted children and their families in counseling and has long been one of the nation one of the nation leading authorities on issues of gifted children.

‘One important area of Pfeiffer ‘s research was to find ways to best identify children who are gifted for this purpose , he led a group that a diagnostic test, said,he widely used intelligence test supplements developed to identify may be may be gifted Pfeiffer test in in over 600 school districts across the nation and has been translated for use in a number of other countries . In other work where demand gifted students, the state of Florida recently, Pfeiffer and his team an effort to an effort, Florida the best and brightest high school students their potential so that they can help reach the state reach the state lead her.###Item: Global analysis of X – chromosome dose compensation Vaijayanti Gupta, Michael Parisi, David Sturgill, Rachel the Nuttall, Michael doctolero, James Malley, Olgoa Dudko, P Scott Eastman, Brian Oliver Journal of Biology 2006 Juliette Savin BioMed Central:, 5:3 (16.